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Why Sustainability? Why Ethical? Pt. 1

Why Sustainability? Why Ethical? Pt. 1

Sustainable fashion considers the entire supply chain and life cycle of a garment. Beginning with the design phase to where a garment ends its life when it’s no longer deemed worthy/trendy. Ethical considers the fair treatment of everyone in the supply chain: from working conditions and treatment to living wages. So why sustainability? Why ethical?

Pt 1: Why Sustainability?

It's simple—we care! We care about the impact running a business has on the environment and the people involved. Here at ETC we want to be responsible for our choices, so we choose to consider our social and environmental impact. We pride ourselves on working with factories, garment mills, and production teams who model fair trade regulations. Our approach to sustainability is reflected in our collections: ETC Eco and ETC Revive.

ETC Eco manufactures garments from raw and organic textiles such as cotton, organic cotton, linen, TENCEL™, and hemp. These fabrics are 100% eco-friendly and 100% better for your skin. 

ETC Revive manufactures garments from recycled and dead stock textiles: 

  • Recycled textiles are part of a process by which old clothing and textiles are revived for a second life. Sometimes a third! Although some recycled textiles are not eco-friendly, granting them a second life extends their lifespan. It also prevents them from prematurely ending their life in our very overcrowded landfills. Unfortunately, recycled textiles like polyester shed microplastics when washed and these fibers make their way into our rivers and oceans. 
  • Dead stock textiles consist of leftover fabric from a garment run, wrongly dyed fabric, or fabric unsold by textile mills. These textiles are normally part of a small fabric roll and won't always allow for a large production run. Therefore making them a unique staple piece in your closet. Garments apart of ETC Revive are normally apart of a small production run or even better: 1 of 1. 

Since nearly 100% of textiles and clothing are recyclable, ETC Revive is committed to discovering more responsible uses for recycled and dead stock textiles. 

ETC allows you to enjoy well made sustainable garments that liberate and celebrate you. Further shifting the narrative that sustainable fashion caters to limited style, limiting the fun! Here is what we do minimally —we produce one of a kind pieces in small batches. 

The increase of environmental issues caused by humanity on a whole, particularly due to fashion consumption- leaves much room for pause. The truth is "sustainability" isn't this new phenom. It is an old practice, and is still the way of life for many African and Indigenous people around the world. It is the honoring of the Earth, understanding that the Earth is our life source and in order to respect + prolong the life cycle we must practice a lifestyle that is more circulatory. Our desire is to operate a business that thrives in conjunction with the very Earth that sustains us. 

While we do not have all the solutions or resources just yet, we are determined to be the change we want to see. Every step towards a more sustainable world counts, and the first step begins in and with you.


Welcome to the party!!