Hey Earth Tones! Due to the global pandemic expect delays in shipping. Thank You for your continued support. Hey Earth Tones! Due to the global pandemic expect delays in shipping. Thank You for your continued support.

Springing into Sustainability: The season of rebirth.

Springing into Sustainability: The season of rebirth.


 Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth: new buds begin to bloom, animals reappear after hibernation, all of nature sings a divine song. 

As the vibrancy of life returns, we are reminded of Nature’s flow and have chosen to honor it with the birth of ETC’s first collection, Flow

To Flow is to go with Nature, not against it. 

To Flow is to surrender to the Earth beneath your feet in the midst of chaos. 

Flow is an intimate introduction to the ETC aesthetic that features one-of-a-kind pieces for a one-of-a-kind girl. Rather than sourcing raw materials to produce the featured garments, we were inspired by this season of rebirth and renewal to revive what was once considered dead stock. Instead of ending up prematurely in a landfill, new life has been granted to these materials which now make up the unique pieces of Flow

In Flow, the colors are inspired by the richness of the Spring Equinox and the shapes are inspired by the 1900’s when puff sleeves reigned supreme and the 1970’s when wide legged pants anchored Kings and Queens. Flow introduces the world to the Phylicia Top and Chantel Culotte. Phylicia revels in her youthfulness with a sweetheart neckline, playful puff sleeve with fitted cuff from elbow to wrist, and accent buttons on the back that reflect the deeply rich colors of early Spring. Phylicia elegantly accompanies the Chantel Culotte, which is easy like Sunday morning. Constructed from reclaimed rayon and rayon blend materials, the Chantel Culotte’s snug fit through the waist releases the need for buttons or zippers while the wide leg shape allows for an easy gait in maximum comfort.

As our environment continues to change drastically, we are urged to reassess traditional approaches to production and consumption. Flow was manufactured locally, by hand, using recycled and reclaimed materials unearthed from local fabric shops, which helps reduce our carbon footprint. Our approach is a reminder that slow and steady wins the race. The race towards ethical behaviors and sustainable practices can be achieved through slower production schedules and steady supply chain assessments. Working hyper-locally affords ETC the ability to support local makers, connect with communities, and breathe much needed new life into the sustainable fashion industry. 

To flow is to release control with assurance that everything in nature unfolds in divine time. Much like the birth of this collection; good things come to those who surrender to the natural flow of life. 

In Loving Memory of Phylicia Chantel HoSang 4/15/89-2/20/13