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May Flowers

May Flowers


Now that April showers have turned to May flowers, let’s renew our hearts and mind. Nature proves that flowers indeed bloom despite the storm and while sheltering at home has been hard, it’s given me a chance to renew myself by simply taking care. 

My favorite act of self-care is unplugging! I unplug from the people, places, and things that don’t contribute positively to my existence. Who am I talking to during days that seem unbelievably long? What am I digesting spiritually and mentally? Do these things benefit me or not? What does my “screen time” reveal? Where am I spending most of my time when my personal remote control to the world is always within reach? I have chosen to consume media in small doses. I intake just enough to keep me informed, but not enough to drown me. I enjoy phone breaks! Yep, that's right. When going out to do essential shopping I sometimes leave my phone home. When’s the last time you left your phone behind intentionally? I further leave my phone on silent and opt out of receiving notifications from all apps. When I feel myself needing human connection I try to make sure it’s a genuine need and not out of unhealthy attachment. I unplug from the outside world and tune into what I am feeling internally by journaling. I write even when I don't want to, even when my feelings convince me that writing isn’t needed because most times it is. 

Unplugging from the outside noise allows me to plug into self. It is then that I often discover the noise within, forcing me to even unplug from myself! When it feels like I am spiraling into a sea of pandemic sadness and overthinking, I allow myself to feel those emotions without drowning in them. A practice that is not at all easy, yet needed. When I unplug from all that the world has to offer I am able to plug into self and discover my personal pathways to grace.

This month while we unplug from things and thoughts that do not serve our best interests, we encourage you to plug into Nature, an immense source of therapeutic healing and inspiration. Embrace May and its generous bounty of beautiful colors that have sprung to life right when we needed it the most.

At ETC, we leaned into May's offerings and used its inspiration for our upcoming collection, "In Living Color". Exploring primary colors and basic shapes, "In Living Color" reflects the flowers that bloom in May and the shapes that make getting dressed simple and delightful. Let ETC help you set the tone for your summer with sustainable, bespoke clothing in fierce lewks all the girls can enjoy! 

Unplug, lean in, and Set The Tone