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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

 Never has an idiom more accurately captured our time. Though this chaotic time may feel unfamiliar and confusing, chaos is actually a familiar state in the natural world. If we can flow with nature and trust its response, we may well achieve heights not attainable except through chaos. 

At ETC sustainability is about Setting The Tone for how we show up for self, for nature, and for humanity. It’s a way of life...a way of being. This month, we share insights from ETC Founder, Shalisia Earth on how she sets the tone for sustaining her well-being during a global pandemic. 

How are you setting the tone for living in the midst of a global pandemic?

Stillness: Being still has been my personal go-to in achieving mental peace. While we experience the city in a way that is completely opposite of our daily routine, I am choosing to marvel at its stillness and swim in its silence. Suddenly the city that never sleeps is taking a nap and so am I. I’m doing so free of guilt and free of shame. Daring to accept this much deserved rest.

Cleanliness: Spring cleaning anyone? Now is the perfect time to turn on your favorite playlist and declutter those areas of your home you hide from your guest, or better yet, yourself. While I shelter at home, I maintain certain routines: I rise with the morning sun, shower, make my bed (a task I’d rather ignore...ahem) sage my space, clear my altar of any overnight debris and light a different color candle to start the day. Like the body, your home is a temple, a sacred space and a clean space gives way to a clear mind. Afterall, cleanliness is next to godliness. Tap in!

Creativity: With all this time to myself, I’ve decided to do all the things that make me feel at ease, the things that just truly make me feel connected to the source of light and love. Consider rearranging some furniture, decorating small corners of a room, creating floral arrangements, coloring/painting and repotting plants. Let the pages of a book be your passport to discovering a new destination, at least until we’re allowed to “fly the coop” again.  

Unplugging: My favorite act of self-care! I unplug from people, places, and things that don’t contribute positively to my existence. By deeply analyzing my behaviors I discern what I’m digesting that’s impacting my spiritual and mental health. For example, I have chosen to consume media in small doses. I intake just enough to keep me informed, but not to drown me. So I intentionally take phone breaks: leave my phone behind or silence it. When I unplug from the outside world, I can hear myself clearer and by journaling, am able to discover my personal pathways to grace.

Movement: Being home doesn’t mean you can’t move. Give yourself permission to sway your hips in the direction of love. Wrap your arms around yourself and pour your body into movements that release tension and open the gateways of divinity and freedom. Dancing in the solitude of my room to Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Destiny Child’s 1999 album “Writing’s on the Wall” empowers my spirit through intentional lyrics. Lyrics that remind me “trouble don’t last always” and that “joy cometh in the morning”! I move to the rhythms knowing that “the beat goes on”...

Though this April has truly brought about unexpected showers. Let’s aim to sustain ourselves in the midst of the storm trusting that all will be well. After all, nature has proven that we need rain to create and sustain flowers.

Happy Earth Day !